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Kondapalli Wooden Spectacle Holder

Kondapalli Wooden Spectacle Holder

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spectacle-holder comes to you straight from the artisans of Kondapalli, Andhra Pradesh. Whether you would like to raise your characteristic score with a match of corny exhibition holders or make a friend fortunate by gifting them, this Kondapalli craftsmanship is fair and the correct choice. Both utilitarian and tasteful, this item comes in two pieces. The female stand is embellished with a circular ruddy Bindi and a nose ring, exemplifying the elegant Desi air. The men's stand comes with a dashing mustache, reminiscent of the vintage times. Unordinary and interesting, this Kondapalli creation is made out of Ankudu wood sourced from the woodlands of Andhra Pradesh.

For someone who is looking for something that is different. This wooden nose-shaped spectacle or sunglass holder serves as an essential and useful accessory for a functional stand to keep the spectacle/sunglass in a safe place. With this spectacle holder, you will be able to locate your glass with ease. This is also a perfect gift for someone who is always forgetting where they left their glasses and its looks beautiful also.

Disclaimer: Since each toy is handmade and unique, no two toys are perfectly identical. Colors & shapes & size may differ according to the product

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