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Wheat Grass Powder Organic

Wheat Grass Powder Organic

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Wheatgrass Is food prepared from the common wheat plant. It contains Chlorophyll, Calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamins A, C, K, E, and B-complex, selenium, and amino acids. Wheatgrass contains high levels of chlorophyll which is equal to the hemoglobin found in the blood. Consumption of wheatgrass improves oxygenation in the blood and it provides many health benefits.

Wheatgrass powder is obtained from the Wheatgrass herb that is rich in vitamin A, minerals, amino acids, vitamin E, and vitamin C. It is used in cosmetic preparations and also is an important cosmetic ingredient when it comes to making soaps. Due to its green color pigment, it is also used to give green color to cosmetic applications and soaps. You can also add this herbal powder directly to your lotions, creams, and moisturizers to receive its benefits directly.

It has a detoxifying effect on the skin and though many people prefer consuming it directly, The anti-inflammatory properties of Wheatgrass powder make it one of the commonly used ingredients to reduce skin inflammation.

No chemicals or additives are used while manufacturing the best wheatgrass powder which means that you don't have to worry while using this product. Also, the highest standards of purity and safety are incorporated to deliver premium quality Wheat grass powder to your doorstep. It comes in a fine powdered form of light green color and has a mild herbal odor to it.


The Green Blood Therapy | Blood Purification | Good for Digestion | Powerhouse of Nutrients | Natural Antioxidant | Good for Hair & Skin | Regulates Blood Pressure | Regulates Sugar levels 


Take 4 gms of Organic Wheatgrass Powder daily on an empty stomach for better results. You can also mix it in warm water with lime and honey. Mix it in smoothies, juices, and morning breakfast recipes. You can also mix it in Dal, Green Vegetables, Chapati Flour, etc.  

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