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How to sell on Gluetry

It's the simple and free registration form 

After registration & filling up details, You will get approval from our team, Also you will get a confirmation mail

After Approval, You are allowed to add products from your seller dashboard,
Note: we give training / Tutorials for the same 

You can Add unlimited products  Since we are a startup we are not taking any charges or commission from sellers and also providing free pick-up & delivery

Note: our products management team will do calculate & fix the price for each product, So the fixed price will be split equally to payment gateways & handling charges & courier services 

About Shipping

When a Gluetry customer buys your product, there are 2 ways that you, as a Gluetry.com Seller, can deliver the product to your customers:

*Fulfillment by Gluetry Hub  If you choose Fulfillment by Gluetry, we will store, pack, and deliver your products to the customers

*Easy Ship (ES) If you choose Easy Ship, you will store and pack your products and Gluetry will deliver them to your customers

After customers buy any product of yours, You will get notified through SMS, Mails & also you can track everything on your seller dashboard,
Pack your orders, Print labels, and Stick them on the package, As soon as they ( Our Courier partners ) receive these details,
A notification prompt for pick-up reaches your doorstep. And hand them over to our courier partner.
Any damages during shipping, The courier companies initiate the insurance amount, Avial insurance cover up to Rs: 5000 - 6000 for lost shipments,

No need to worry about losses once you're Onboard!

When you will  get the payment

 We will do settlement every END OF THE WEEK  Or After delivering the product to the customer

Gluetry pays the proceeds of sellers' sales to their bank accounts by bank transfers Or UPIs,

And to ensure a smooth flow of payments you must provide valid information about your Indian bank account before you can receive payments

When your account is settled, Gluetry posts a settlement report in the Reports section of the Seller hub. Gluetry also initiates payment to your bank account through an electronic bank transfer.

It usually takes 2 to 3 working days for the funds to reach your bank account after gluetry has initiated a payment.

You can track each and every penny through your Dashboard !!
As a seller on Gluetry.com, you can always contact Seller Support to help you understand your payments and get your issues resolved.

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Note: Once Registration is done, We will contact you on WhatsApp for Catalog & Product Information  J
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Frequently Asked Questions

Bingo..Its Completly FREE !! No Hidden Charges :)

There are 3 ways that you

1) Fulfillment by Gluetry (FBA) If you choose Fulfillment by Gluetry, Gluetry will store, pack, and deliver your products to the customers
2) Easy Ship (ES) If you choose Easy Ship, you will store and pack your products and Gluetry will deliver them to your customers
3 )Self-Ship If you choose Self Ship, you will store, pack, and deliver your products

With Gluetry, you can sell your products at the 0% commission and get your payments on time. Sellers who are selling on Gluetry keep 100% of their profit by not paying any commission

Settlement Amount is deposited securely into your bank account on the 7th-10th day of order delivery, including your Cash on Delivery orders.

For e.g. if your product is delivered on 1st Jan 2021, The settlement amount for that product will be deposited in your bank account on 7th Jan or 10th Jan 2021.

Packaging depends on your which fulfillment option you use to deliver your products. With FBA, we take care of packaging your product in a delivery box. With Easy Ship and Self Ship, you will have to take care of packaging,We will send first free 20 packaging materials And also you can purchase Gluetry packaging material.You can order from seller hub