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Kondapalli Village Ladies - Set of 5

Kondapalli Village Ladies - Set of 5

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Kondapalli Bommalu Village Ladies - Set of 5 

The people of rural southern India, who coexist with lush surroundings, find the most genuine expression in their daily lives and art. The men and women of Kondapalli town in Andhra Pradesh eagerly head out each day for a long day of labor. At dusk, they return to their modest dwellings because they deserve every cent they earn. This handcrafted Ankudu wood toy set from Kondapalli has 5 unique pieces. Every component of Kondapalli toys can be traced back to the indigenous trees, making them sustainable. The inherent flare of the handcrafted goodness of Kondapalli would never be a thing of the past, regardless of how many technologies encroach on the world of Indian art and sculpture. The hardworking men and women of the Kondapalli community in Andhra Pradesh make sure of this.

Sankranti and Dussehra ceremonies signify the Bommala Koluvu ensemble every year. These big Indian festivities are incomplete without the Bommala Koluvu, which has historically been commemorated. The display of adorable Kondapalli toys weaves a story for the observer to understand.

Handcrafted toys with cultural importance are chosen with the intention of preserving the glorious traditions of the country. This group of hard-working village women makes the Bommala Koluvu exhibition complete. The artisan is respected as a representation of tenacity and skill because of his use of color and command of form. Many artisan families are advancing the wisdom and ancient skill of Kondapalli into the future despite unfavorable circumstances.

The constant works of Kondapalli toy artisans celebrate India's unparalleled utilization of color in each viewpoint of living. With intense expertise, the delicate locally plenteous wood known as Tella Poniki is changed into great wooden toysThe doodad comes from a community of conventional toymakers from the Andhra town of Kondapalli. This wooden toy is the result of broad workmanship, getting to be an amazing elective to the indifferent shapes that craftsmanship is taking nowadays. The artisan takes things to the following level with consider utilize of essential colors, including energy to any room it calls domestic.

Weight500 g
Dimensions9 × 6 × 15 cm

Disclaimer: Since each toy is handmade and unique, no two toys are perfectly identical. Colors, shapes, and sizes may differ according to the product.

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