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Baby Foods

Baby Foods

Babies are known to have a sensitive stomach. They easily get affected by the type of food that they consume and this is why it becomes important for parents to be very cautious about the kind of food that their children eat, especially during their early stages of life when the foundation for good health habits is being laid down. One such group of people who need to be careful about what they eat are those who are gluten intolerant. Gluten intolerance can either develop in infancy or later on in life but identifying it at an early stage is always advisable as it helps keep other health problems at bay.

So, if you are one of those parents whose child has been diagnosed with gluten intolerance then you would want to know about the best foods that your child can eat and also see a list of intruding foods which you need to avoid giving them. In this article, we shall discuss both these topics so that you can have a better understanding about what needs to be done.

Best Foods for gluten intolerant Babies:

Even though babies who are intolerant to gluten cannot consume products like breads, pastas and pizzas; there are still plenty of options available for them when it comes to food items. Some excellent choices include:

- Fruits: Most fruits do not contain any traces of gluten and therefore, can be consumed freely by kids who are intolerant to it. Be sure to choose ripe fruits instead of undercooked ones as undercooked fruits may contain harmful bacteria which might affect your baby’s health adversely. Some safe fruit options include banana, apple, watermelon etc.

- Vegetables: Just like fruits, most vegetables do not contain any traces of gluten either and can thus be given safely to kids with gluten intolerance symptoms . A few smart vegetable picks include broccoli, sweet potato, carrot etc.

- Lean Meat: Kids require enough protein intake for healthy growth and development and meat happens top provide optimum levels thereof. When choosing meat for your child make sure its lean i e., devoid of fats because excessive fats tend not only contribute towards weight gain but also trigger problems with regards Celestia Gluten sensitivity triggers & effects on the body). Good sources Of lean protein includes white fish (like cod or halibut), skinless chicken breasts or tofu etc.

- Dairy Products: Milk ,yoghurt And cheese Are all rich in Calcium Which Is Important For overall bodily function And Bone Health In Children . Opt For Full Fat versions As They Contain More Vitamins And Minerals Than The Low Fat Ones .

Intruding Foods To Avoid Giving Your Baby With Celiac disease:

Just as there exists an exhaustive list Of healthy Foods That You Can Serve Your Child Without Worries , There Are Also Numerous Items That You Need To Stay Away From If He Or She Has Been Diagnosed With Celiac Disease . These Include All Forms Of Wheat (Including Spelt ) As Well As Rye , Barley Etc .. It Is Advisable Not To Feed Him/her Any Grain Derivatives Such As Cereal Extracts , Starches , Hydrolysates Etc .. Too ManyProcessed Foods Like Canned Soups , Sauces Package Meats Should Also Be Avoided .

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