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Vetiver Yoga Mat (6*2 sq. ft)

Vetiver Yoga Mat (6*2 sq. ft)

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This mat is made of vetiver whose fragrant dried roots adds a distinctive aroma and texture to the mat The aroma alleviates scenes and lets you have a blissful-meditative session. The mat is 100% natural and can be used indoor as well as outdoor Vetiver root has deep connection with human kundalini

Vetiver grass is grown for many purposes.
 From the roots, oil is extracted and used for cosmetics, aromatherapy, herbal skincare and ayurvedic soap.
Its fibrous properties make it useful for handicrafts, ropes and more.

A traditional type of prayer mat is the one made with grass and is called "Vativer /Kush Aasana".It is said that "Kush Aasana"allows the yogi to maintain that serene state of mind without being affected by the adversity of the environment surrounding him. Kusha,whose name signifies sharp in the sense of acute,is the root for the Sanskrit word for"expert" kosala. Kusha Dharba grass is considered highly sacred for all ritual. It can also used as Yoga mat.It's Light weight and portable. You can Carry it to Gym,Garden,Beach Everywhere.

100% hand-loomed with vetiver root.
* Superior grip with anti-slip quality
* Chemical and Toxins Free

Vetiver has been used to produce perfumes, creams and soaps. It is used for its antiseptic properties to treat acne and sores.

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